The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County tends to get some questions more than others. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? We’re happy to help. So…

Why is the CACSC necessary?

Prior to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County, child victims of physical and sexual abuse participated in the adult criminal justice system, forced to tell their story through multiple interviews due to each agency’s independent process. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County exists to minimize this trauma and assist families as they take each step in the criminal justice process.

How is the CACSC different from other children's agencies?

Each child’s case is regularly reviewed by a group of professionals from law enforcement, Child Protective Investigations, the District Attorney’s office, and medical practitioners along with CAC staff forensic interviewers, family advocates, medical team and mental health therapists, forming a multi-disciplinary team. This team meets regularly to review each child’s case until it reaches completion. The cases worked through the CACSC are largely criminal.

Who does the CACSC serve?

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County serves children birth through 17 years of age who have been either physically or sexually abused or have witnessed a violent crime or community event. The cases are referred to the Center by law enforcement agencies and Family & Protective Services Child Protective Investigations.

Does the CACSC duplicate other services?

No. There are no programs in Smith County that facilitate child abuse investigations through the collaboration of different agencies. The standards for all 70 Children’s Advocacy Centers in Texas are codified in the Texas Family Code, giving CACs the exclusive ability to influence positive outcomes in the investigation of crimes against children.

What is the CACSC operating budget?

2020 Funding Sources:

  • Individuals, Corporations, Organizations – 9%
  • Foundations  – 36%
  • Federal Grants – 32%
  • State Grants – 9%
  • Local Government – 1%
  • Programs – 4%
  • Other Fundraising – 9%

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Does the CACSC charge for its services?

No. The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County does not charge for services to victims of abuse. Our services are provided in cooperation with law enforcement agencies in Smith County, Department of Family & Protective Services, Smith County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Hospital & Clinics, the Center’s staff and others. These services are funded though varied sources, including individual gifts, government grants and community support.

Where is the CACSC located?

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County is located at 3015 S SE Loop 323 Tyler, TX 75701.

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Are there other CACs in Texas?

Yes. The 70 Children Advocacy Centers across Texas serve 92% of the state’s child population. Of the 254 counties in the state, 148 are in official service areas of Children Advocacy Centers. Last year, more than 58,000 children were served by a Children’s Advocacy Center in Texas.

How are children referred to the CACSC?

Children are referred to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County through law enforcement agencies and Department of Family & Protective Services.

How can a business or individual get involved with the CACSC?

  • Volunteer through one of our special events
  • Make a financial gift or an in-kind donation
  • Sponsor through Child Abuse Awareness month, Holiday of Hope, Bling-O, Bids for Kids, Golf Tournament, or the Women of Courage.

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