Medical services

Our medical services give child victims the examinations they need—without the stress, intensity, and chaos of the ER.

CACSC non-emergency medical exams for child abuse victims
Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE) in Tyler Texas

Non-Emergency Medical Exams

Our head-to-toe medical exams give victims the medical peace of mind they need to begin the journey toward hope & restoration.

About 100 children receive non-emergency (aka “non-acute”) Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations (SANEs) at the CACSC every year. Because many of our clients do not receive adequate medical care from an advanced medical provider, we have uncovered injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and non-related medical issues that need to be addressed as they journey toward healing & restoration.

Emergency medical exams for child abuse victims in Tyler and Smith County Texas

Emergency Medical Exams

Our emergency medical exams give law enforcement the evidence they need without a potentially anxiety-inducing trip to the ER.

Gathering the evidence law enforcement needs to get justice for child abuse victims necessitates thorough medical exams. And they take hours to complete. To prevent victims from being further traumatized by the chaos of the ER, the CACSC provides these exams in a peaceful, non-threatening environment that’s made specially for kids.

CACSC emergency medical exams for victims of child abuse


Giving hope to victims only happens with the help of people like you.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our ability to help children victimized by abuse hinges upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and community organizations who see the need and choose to stand in the gap.

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