Women of Courage

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Women of Courage serve as ambassadors for children victimized by abuse through increasing awareness, promoting prevention and strengthening the coordinated efforts of the CACSC. Women of Courage employ a variety of opportunities to share the good work being done on behalf of the thousands of children being served by the CACSC.

Women of Courage have the opportunity to participate in multiple programs within the CACSC, including hosting the Annual Spring Luncheon, volunteer with a Client Room Makeover, and receive a quarterly newsletter with updates from the CEO.



“It is a joy for me to serve alongside women who are making a difference in the world! As one of the inaugural Women of Courage through the CACSC, I was able to be an ambassador for children victimized by abuse.”

-Le’Anne Southerland, Women of Courage Member

2024 Members

Jennifer Bane

Carleen Dark-Bays

Wendy Bratteli

Lori Coe

Susan Cothern

Jane Hartley Coker

Sherry Conser

Kensie Cowden

Tomi Ellis

Jessie Enright

Mia Forehand

Johnna Fullen

GiGi Gibb

Shannon Glenney

Megan Hernandez

Stacey Hiles

Kim Holley

Jill Hossley

Virginia Hudson

Linda Jones

Teresa Langley

Darlene Marshall

Lisa Martin

Cynthia McAndrew

Nita Meads

Mikah Peltier

Kelly Raulston

Holly Rohrer

Linda Rudd

Kerri Seamands

Mollianna Scates

Deanna Sims

Terri Smith

Le’Anne Southerland

Penny Stephens

Lindsay Strange

Dawn Swinnea

Dr. Kayleigh Temple

Andrea Wells

Lisa White

If you are interested in becoming a Women of Courage or would like more information, please contact Jennifer Clark, Director of External Relations.

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