How we bring hope, healing, and justice to child abuse victims.

CAC Child Abuse Victim Services

Here's how we help child abuse victims get justice, find hope, and start healing.

When child abuse is reported, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County (CACSC) collaborates with Child Protective Investigations (CPI) and law enforcement to pursue justice, hope, and healing for victims. Here's how we help:

Forensic interviews

When a child is referred to the CACSC for suspected abuse, a specially trained interviewer hears and records the child’s story to provide each involved agency the info they need and ensure victims only have to share (and relive) their stories once.

Victim family services

When a child is abused, the whole family hurts. So, we give the tools and support to begin the healing process for the child and the non-offending family members.


Our trained mental health professionals provide child-friendly, trauma-focused care to help victims heal from their wounds and move toward a brighter future.

Medical services

Our in-house medical assessments give law enforcement partners what they need to investigate the case. And they protect child victims from the stress of the emergency room.

Rainbow Room

From car seats and pack-n-play cribs to clothing and household supplies, the Rainbow Room is an in-house emergency resource center that empowers families to care for victims.

Victim Services Testimonial

“The staff were extremely welcoming. Although this has been a tough time for my child and me, they felt like an extension of my family and let me know they had my back.”

— CACSC Parent



Giving hope to victims only happens with the help of people like you.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our ability to help children victimized by abuse hinges upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and community organizations who see the need and choose to stand in the gap.

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