Victim family services

Child abuse is devastating to victims and their families. So, our Family Advocates walk alongside the whole family to help everyone find the guidance, resources, and healing they need.

Core Victim Family Services

Core Victim Family Services

Every reported victim & family gets a Family Advocate who walks with them every step of the way.

Specifically, the Family Advocate:

Serves as the "link" between the victim & his/her family and the multidisciplinary team

Helps the family understand the roles of each involved agency

Ensures the family understands the process and where they are in it

Prepares the victim & family for the experience of testifying in court

Accompanies the victim & family to court if the case proceeds to a criminal hearing

Family Services for Victims of Child Abuse
Child Abuse Victim Family Services in Smith County Texas
Additional Child Abuse Victim Family Services

Additional Victim Family Services

Family Advocates assess the family’s situation and assist with the following emergency services as needed.



Help completing victim's compensation application



Giving hope to victims only happens with the help of people like you.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our ability to help children victimized by abuse hinges upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and community organizations who see the need and choose to stand in the gap.

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